Chris M. Shoffner is committed to making District 41's voice heard in the NC Legislature. Like you, Chris wants to play an active role in making the community and state a safer, better place to raise children, run a business, and forge a future filled with unlimited promise. 

Chris' professional and policy expertise is in healthcare and he feels that is important and pertinent as healthcare represents one third of our budget and is typically the largest expense of many employers and individuals. Chris has developed a detailed reform process that will save NC approximately $2 billion of our current $7 billion spend related to healthcare. The first Bill Chris plans to sponsor will reform oversight and structure of the State Health Plan and directly tie savings to wage increases for Teachers and State Employees. As a health plan fiduciary, Chris helps protect plan assets for employees every day. After all, it’s their money and its time we put our people first

If you share Chris' vision for NC reforms, I urge you to connect and help make it happen! - for families, communities, and North Carolina. 

Chris M. Shoffner

An effective voice for District 41

Working For District 41